City Hall and the Shard from Tower Bridge
13 January 2012


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Sunset at Gwithian,
September 1984

Some Teaching Resources

English Is Going to the Dogs:

Let me know when it’s arrived

Brains and Weird Science

Language Origins: Some online lectures

What Kind of Linguist Am I?

Doing Statistics on Excel

A Generative analysis of “Yes, indeed”

Real Odds & Ends

Fibonacci Poems

The First Legend of Merlin

Thor and Loki, Sun and Moon, and Santa’s Reindeer: Sex Strike Theory and Nordic mythology

Open letter to Chris Heaton-Harris Concerning his Request for Information on the Teaching of Brexit

What stopped me from becoming a Generativist

Seminar, 21 May 2001 -

Integrational and Systemic-Functional Linguistics:

Prospects of Dialogue?

Linguistic Odds & Ends

Trying Times

Academic versus Business Register


How the Dreeb Learned Language

Playing Other Games with Language

Chomsky and Idealism

Bits of Non-Academic Writing

Book of Smart Alec: Translation so far

When Haringey Invented the Axe

The New Improved Internet Of Things


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