Pravlish Teaching Sessions and Files

The following resources were used in the Night School on Anarres sessions. Each session was one hour long and consisted of:

Resource 1 - Thinking in Pravlish

The students’ attention was drawn to ways of thinking 1 to 6. The exercise on page four was not done in the classroom.

Resource 2 - Pravic Translations

Some of the translations on pages 1-3 were discussed; then the students, working together in groups, were encouraged to attempt the first three translations on page 4. Some of these translations were chosen to be particularly difficult to render into Pravlish, and many ingenious solutions were suggested.

Eight Night School sessions were arranged (5, 6, 12, 13, 20, 27 July; 3, 10 August 2016). A total of 140 students attended the eight sessions.

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